Since I began doing "The Kindness Project" I have had the chance to make a few different people smile by surprising them with just a little something special , nothing life changing but I like that they at least at that moment realize that people care and they are worth being reached out to. Unfortunately there are so many other stories and request that have to go unanswered, believe me that is the hardest part. I really do wish I could do a little something for everyone who has reached out to me but it's not even possible to answer them all , let alone grant the help. That is not going to stop me from trying to keep the project going.

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With that said I need more requests! So if you or someone you know needs just a little something to help them see a light no matter how small , please let me know. Keep in mind that I have to keep these projects relatively affordable for me to make happen. I can't get anyone a new car or house but maybe I could help someone whose washing machine just died , or someone who needs toys for their kid's upcoming birthday.

Whatever it is you think I could do to help you or someone you know, please let me know. I may not be able to help everyone, but I do know that even reaching out can make a person feel a little better.

All you have to do is E Mail me at and put "The Kindness Project" in the subject line. Please also put your contact info in the E Mail so that I can follow up with you if I have any questions or I think I can help.

Remember, that this isn't just about helping one or two people , my true hope is that by hearing these simple acts that you too will try to reach out a little bit more to find someone that you can make smile with just a simple act of love.


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