I love these people.  If you're going to try to make a statement, go big or go home, right?  The Daigles sure did.

This is fantastic - a family from Massachusetts who was doggedly determined to make a big splash with their last payment, did so by saving pennies for THIRTY FIVE YEARS.  (Shows what an idiot I am.  If there's a penny laying on the floor of my car when I'm vacuuming it, sometimes I'll just suck the thing up rather than save it.  If I only knew....


I would love to see the faces of the folks at the Milford Federal Bank when this guy came in.  Hysterical.

What will YOU do for your last mortgage payment?  I tell you, I'm going to have a big party (maybe a REALLY big party, because it will also be my 103rd birthday!





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