I've had my cat, Lyric since he was just a tiny little puffball of a kitten. He was the biggest of his litter, but he fit in my hand. With the smallest meow I had ever heard, he was full of energy and at times a bit of a terror. But, he's my "first born" and I love him to pieces.

Some like to think cats just don't give a crap and ya know what? In a lot of cases they don't. But, I'm well aware that the majority of the things he does are to get my attention, my love and affection.

A couple years after welcoming Lyric into my life, I adopted my shorkie, Penny. They were born the same year, so they are both 8 years old but act like babies. The funny thing is they've rubbed off on each other a bit. I have always had Lyric trained like a dog: he sits, lays down, he'll get up on his hind legs and beg. If I tell him to get down or stop, he listens. But now the dog licks herself all the time like she's a bathing cat and will stretch up on things and "scratch" to get my attention. They're the best of siblings.

I shared this video on my Facebook page last night and people were amazed on how my "kids" reacted to getting a turkey treat. Every parent thinks their kids are the cutest, I'm no different...enjoy!


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