I saw a graph on YouTube the other day that makes you realize how unfairly wealth is distributed in America. This is downright ridiculous! 

I certainly don't like to be "Debbie Downer" before the holidays, but when I saw this graph on YouTube, I nearly spit out my bowl of Wheaties. If you think you were spinning your wheels financially before, check this out from Politizane. It was submitted by Working America.  It's a bit long, but really tells the tale of just how the money is spread around in this country.

Is that absurd or what?  I'm not saying that we should share the wealth here. Don't go calling me a card-carrying socialist or something, but you have to admit that something ain't right!

Do you think it's been harder for you to get ahead financially in recent years?  Would love to know. Meanwhile, pass the Ramen noodles.


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