An unbelievable claim made recently by a woman in upstate New York has many people, myself included, scratching their heads wondering how in the world something this can happen.  Try and follow along here, this is a wild one.

According to a report from CBS 6 News, a woman in Geneseo is suing her former doctor, claiming that a DNA discovery led her to uncover decades of alleged lies, deceit, fraud, and medical practice.

The woman, nameless in the report, claims that Dr. Morris Wortman of the Genesee Valley Group Health Association, and the Center for Menstrual Disorders, is allegedly responsible for artificially inseminating many of his patients with his own sperm, including the woman's mother, a discovery that she made when she dug deep into her DNA.

Not knowing any of this yet, the woman, according to the report, says that the family held the doctor in high esteem, and she even continued to use him as her gynecologist.

According to the report, she claims "that her mother and father were treated by Dr. Wortman for infertility in the 1980s. She was born in 1985 - the result, her parents were told, of sperm donated by a medical student."

Back in 2016, Plaintiff says that through a series of DNA testing, she learned that she had many half-brothers and sisters that were all born in the early-to-mid 1980s, all around the same time she was born, all produced by the same donor.  Which, according to the DNA would link back to Dr. Wortman as the father, and not by the anonymous donors.

The woman states that in April 2021, she confronted Wortman with DNA proof that connects her and multiple others with the same donor, and that's when she was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.   According to the source,  he then began asking Plaintiff a string of personal questions about her family, her children, and her husband.

At one point, according to the source, Wortman even said to her, "You’re a really good kid, such a good kid," the lawsuit claims. "At that point,...Plaintiff believed there was a possibility Defendant Wortman could be the donor himself. But she was in shock and disbelieve that he would continue [to] treat her as her gynecologist if she were his biological daughter."

The lawsuit claims that Dr. Wortman has been diagnosed with and treated for mental illness, as have other members of his family.  He declined to comment.

The woman is seeking an undisclosed monetary settlement.

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