I like to think the best of people so I want to think this wasn't stolen but either way, a family in Troy needs the help of the Capital Region.

Karen Hill lost her 27-year-old on Zachary in 2009 due to a motorcycle accident. According to CBS6, Karen said that at the time of his death, he was only married for five days and his wife Lauren was pregnant with their, now, 8-year-old daughter.

Almost two years ago, Zachary's daughter left a cross on his gravesite that said things like "You're my hero" and "I love you." Karen has been going to the grave and visiting her son on Mother's Day for the past 9 years. This year, her heart sunk, the cross was gone.

Her first thought, of course, was that someone stole it, especially after having been there for two years with no issues. They searched the woods nearby hoping to find it with no luck. The family is only asking for its safe return, they said it's a "small piece of Zachary she and her family still have." They said if you bring it back, no questions asked, they just want it to be there when Zachary's daughter goes to visit.

The wooden cross has Zachary's picture on it and anyone who sees it is asked to contact the Oakwood Cemetery office, pictures can be found on CBS6.

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