I grew up with train tracks in front and in my backyard. It was always a concern of ours that those cargo trains carrying fuel may tip and spill. Well, there was one that happened recently in the Capital Region. We grew up on Railroad Street and my grandfather worked on the railroad most of his life. He was in charge of mechanics and safety but that didn't make us worry any less that there was a possibility that a train could derail, tip or leak fuel near our house.

This past Friday, January 12th, it happened in Selkirk. The CSX rail yard contacted the Selkirk Fire Department informing them that a tanker car partially derailed and spilled about 2100 gallons of diesel fuel. According to the Times Union, the Fire Chief explained that a car coupling broke. **Update** The Times Union has updated the story that actually a fuel tank on a locomotive was the culprit and not a tank car.

It was cleaned up the best they could with absorbent pads but the ground was too cold to dig up the rest. There is no threat to the public but they will clean it up more when the ground is more pliable. The Department of Environmental Conservation was on scene to assess the situation.

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