Just in time for the holidays, you are able to shop Toys 'R' Us for all of the games, toys and action figures. You can't go to a Toys 'R' Us store, but all of the stuff is available online now. According to WKBW, the Toys 'R' Us website is being run by Target and offering all the toys and games you could get at the Toys 'R' Us store.

Target has made it super easy too. If you have a Target credit card or are used to shopping on Target's website, it's exactly the same. Plus you can pick up your toys from the Toys 'R' Us website at the Target in-store pickup service area.

There are also rumors of a Toys 'R' Us relaunch with the hopes of opening six retail stores by Christmas. There is no other information about these stores but Target has said it will help launch two experimental Toys 'R' Us stores in Houston, Texas, and Paramus, New Jersey.

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