I never served in the military.  I was in a lottery when I turned 18, and my number was 362 out of a possible 365.  True story.  Amazing to think that the "luck of the draw" was the difference between suiting up and staying in college.   "But I always praise those who have served, and shake my head at how they and their  families are treated.  Here's a great example...You talk about "things that make you go HUH??"  I read this one in the Associate Press.  According to them:

Tens of thousands of war widows can’t fully collect on insurance bought by their late husbands—unless they marry someone else.

Let's all say it together----HUH????   It continues:

That remarriage must occur when the widows are 57 or older to count, the AP reports.

It's called the Widow's Tax.  You can't get monthly survivor benefits and benefits from your annuity at the same time.  You get penalized.   Don't know about you, but this financial stuff makes my eyes glaze over.  It's your annuity!  What's the problem.  God forbid the widow actually gets more than survival money! Don't they deserve a little in the kitty for a nice dinner out once in awhile?

And to make matters worse, now they're even complaining about this, because

Giving the widows both benefits would cost the government $6.7 billion over a decade.

Once again, the folks who serve the country get little in return, and the families get less.  I don't know the answers.  I'm just the piano player, but can't this be rewritten given the situation?  War widows have enough to deal with without beaurocracy!