Books For Troops : A Great Way To Help Soldiers
i saw very touching story in the Times Union this morning .  A very concerned and dedicated (retired) Capital Region teacher is putting out a call for children's books to be sent to our troops in Afghanistan.  I wanted to see if I could spread the word here.
The War Widows Tax And Other Dumb Rules
I never served in the military.  I was in a lottery when I turned 18, and my number was 362 out of a possible 365.  True story.  Amazing to think that the "luck of the draw" was the difference between suiting up and staying in college.   "But I always p…
Honoring Soldiers
Today on the show we played a montage of celebrities who had passed in the year 2010. A listener then pointed out on her Facebook that she was angry that we would do this, when the men and women of our armed forces die and their names don't get read on the air.
North And South Korean Tensions Escalate
Just when you though it was safe to get ready for the holidays and unwind, look at this.
In response to the recent North Korean agression, South Korea held a 90 minute artillery firing drill according to Reuters.