Every once in awhile you see them.  Camouflaged trucks and jeeps driving down the road.  I'm honestly not even sure where they are coming from or where they're going.  Never even thought about it much until today - Memorial Day

military vehicle richie

Here it is - the shot hastily taken with my cellphone out of my windshield.  Again - I have no clue what this lone truck's itinerary was.  But I consider it good timing on the driver's part.

It really got me to thinking - can you imagine living in a country where these vehicles are on your streets as a matter of course.  Can you envision them parked in your neighborhoods in some kind of formation, checking identification as you try to make your way to your homes - or getting ready to fight some sort of enemy attack?


51 Squadron Continue Their Hearts And Minds Programme

Can you even FATHOM living in one of these war torn countries in the Middle East right now?  What must the normal, run-of-the-mill citizen of that country have to endure on a day-to-day basis?  And yet on this Memorial Day we are free to come and go as we please without worry -  visiting the malls, filling up bags with  things we want but don't necessarily need, heading out to the lakes or just taking an aimless drive just because we darn well feel like it.

It's because of men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice from all over this nation (many from right here in the Capital Region) that we are allowed to do all of these things and not NEED the protection of one camo'ed vehicles to do it.

I have to thank the driver in this truck, because it really brought home the meaning of this day to me in a most accidental way.  And we should also thank every soldier we know for allowing us to live in freedom at their expense.


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