Time to tackle the tough issues.    Yes, the President has mentioned more than once that the leader of Egypt must step down.  He’s tried everything.  He’s tried diplomacy.  He’s been told to get more  agressive in his demands.  But as of this writing, nothing’s working. Well,  lord knows that I wasn't consulted.  But if so, I'd  say SING your demand.  Nothing beats the power of music--just ask Rick Astley!

Truth of the matter here?  I really didn't want to broach this issue at all.  When you start singing, people associate it with comedy, as if I was making light of a serious issue.  But then again,   I was challenged by a listener to write something on the subject.   So after thinking about it for awhile, I said to myself--"this is your job!!!!" .  And as was mentioned before, I love a good mountain to climb-a good writing challenge.

I know--this is a blog.  We're supposed to have opinions.  Do I think he should step down?  Do I think the army should support him or the people?  Am I surprised that such a huge crowd has been so peaceful as of this writing?  Do I really understand ANY of this?

No.  I honestly try to follow this in the news and am totally confused.   Hey-I'm just the piano player.    Don't ask me!!   I just hope that part of the world stabilizes very quickly.  They were a strong ally and I hope it stays that way.

Now sorry, folks but as the song says--"I have to go".

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