Every morning at 8:10, 'The Sean and Richie Show" does a feature called "The Good News." Let's face it, the world is full of bad news and catastrophes and the media is falling all over itself to bring it to you. Really, just watching the news every night could lead you to depression. So, as I like to say on the show everyday, that is why we bring you now... "The Good News."

Getty Images, Stock Photo
Getty Images, Stock Photo

On this one there are quite a few people who brought some good news into the lives of 13 soldiers returning from duty in Afghanistan. Now, I know that just coming home is reward enough for these wonderful people who put their lives on the line for us, and I know that most people would let that go at that and that is OK. However, if we could make it special for all of these brave men and women shouldn't we?

On Monday these 13 Marines were getting on an American Airlines flight from Chicago to San Diego. When the airline noticed they had 6 extra seats in first class they upgraded 6 of the soldiers. This is the policy of American Airlines which I think is GREAT!

The other 7 soldiers however, were still in coach. That is when 7 different first class passengers gave up their seats so that the 13 soldiers could sit together in first class. Listen it may not seam like much but I've been in both and there is a reason these people paid all that extra money to be up there. I know it meant a lot to the soldiers.

It didn't end there though, one of the soldiers wive's contacted the USO when they were on a lay over and in about an hour they had organised a "greeting" for the plane. When the plane landed, while it taxied to the gate it went under a gigantic water arch created by a fire company, and when they arrived in the terminal, they were greeted by a group of people cheering for them! I love it.

In an interview one of the Marines said, "..amazing when we are 10 years [into] a war, and there is still that kind of community, [and] that level of support."

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