Ok, maybe I am being a little dramatic. But talking for a living, it is very rare I am at a loss for words. But every now and then, my wife Stacy says something I just have no response for.

This time that something arrived in the form of a text while we were hanging out at Upstate Concert Hall last week, getting ready for the Montgomery Gentry show. you see, we have 2 great kids, Scarlett and Emmett, who are 4 and 2 respectively. One girl and one boy, the perfect all-American family. Now, we have talked about having one more kid and we have not rules it out, but I always feel like we are leaning towards not having one more. Well, apparently Stacy is leaning WAY the other way. Here is our text string from last Thursday:

My first reaction was - SHE WANTS 2 MORE? I did not know how to respond to that one. The thought of 1 more seems daunting but manageable, but 2 more??

My next thought was I had to post this to Instagram. And that is where my loss for words arrived when it came to writing the perfect caption. While the one I ended up with above was not bad, I still don't think it was perfect. But then it hit me over the weekend:

I may be the first man in history to 'have a headache.'

I'll have to keep that in my back pocket for the next text like this!


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