Muscle Head Wreaked Havoc On Beach During My Vacation (VIDEO)
In this weeks installment of 'This Is Why I Hate People' watch how this ridiculous man on the waters of Florida's panhandle flexes and poses for 'the Gram' while his girlfriend films the whole thing.  I've seen this before but it's usually girls filming other girls.  Now granted, this man has a body…
Dream Job For Dog Lovers
It is billed as the best job in the world and I can't argue with that. There is a paid summer internship that is perfect for any dog lover. If I was looking for a perfect job, this would be the one for me!
Free Reese's And 10 Grand? Yes Please!
Reese's has come up with a brand new candy bar and to help promote it, they want to find the biggest fan who loves their brand. Express your love for Reese's, win all the candy and ten grand. Here's how.

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