Baby Shops Opening Near Babies R Us Stores Closed
A major department store is trying to capitalize on the closing of Babies R Us. The store has locations in and around the areas of where Babies R Us stores have closed so they are banking on the customers from those shuttered stores.
Top Ten Country Baby Names
If you and your sweetie are country music fans, then it just seems right to name your baby a perfectly country name! made a list of the 10 best country music-inspired baby names. Here they are - 1.  Bentley...
Ready For Parenthood?
Leave it to BuzzFeed to put this little experiment together. I thankfully didn't have to do this in school, but I heard from all my friends that it was annoying. The old high school I went to didn't use anything as high tech as these baby dolls, instead they used a bags of flour...
Diapers & Soil
I don't have children so I don't have any diapers laying around my house, but I know they are expensive (I recently picked up a pack for my future niece)! I always thought they only had one purpose but now I've found out you can use them for something else!

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