I had to update my original tribute to Sawyer Fredericks, as the first one wished him good luck in the finals.  Now that we've seen what has happened, I had to tweak this a bit, so here is Part 2!

Before we get to that, however, on behalf of everyone here at WGNA and Townsquare Media, we would like to congratulate Sawyer, his family and everyone in Fultonville, NY who must still be flipping out over this incredible win.  I am including the lyrics below to the updated version.  The tune is the same ( "Why mess with success?", I always say..)

Sawyer is our choice

and now he's won The Voice

that's cuz he had the talent and the skill
It sure didn't take much luck
to win million bucks
he'll have the biggest farm in Fultonville
Time to pop the cork
in upstate New York
he's surely put us all right on the map
and there is little doubt
that his album will come out
and God knows what else will be on tap
Sawyer is the man
the best Voice in the land
16 years old and now you have arrived
how proud all of us are
enjoy your brand new car
oh that's right - you're too young to drive
We know you'll have a real successful life!





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