The Glen, New York native will take the stage to perform a sold out show in Albany Saturday night at the Swyer Theater.

We have had a lot of great folks from our area appear on reality shows over the years, and Sawyer Fredericks may be the most famous and talented of them all. he won the Voice, which is a pretty big deal, right? And this Saturday night those who are lucky enough to have tickets to his sold out show at the Egg will see that talent on full display.

The Times Union recently interviewed Sawyer,  and it turns out he is actually home in Glen now during a break between touring legs supporting his debut album 'A Good Storm.' It is a real interesting read, and it turns out the Voice cameras being on him at all times were not really his thing. But, music is and according to Fredericks the Voice provided him the vehicle to get his art out there.

The other funny thing in the article is something we all have experienced at some point - his Voice getting lower! Sawyer says it actually went down a whole octave, but he is adjusting well. And it seems he is wearing his new found fame well too - just a talented, hard working New York kid who is turning his talent into something special while staying true to his roots and who he is.

Check out the full Times Union interview here.