Just when I think I can't be surprised by New York State's never ending need to tell it's citizens how to live their lives, they go one step further. Last year it was Daily Fantasy Football this year it's breastfeeding.

According to Channel 13 WNYT's Website,  NYS is updating regulations for hospitals in order to encourage breastfeeding.  The new regulations include PROHIBITING hospitals and clinics from giving new Mothers formula samples and coupons.

Listen, I don't want to turn this into a breastfeeding versus formula debate, and I am well aware of the benefits of breastfeeding over formula.  I was even OK with the hospitals where my children were born talking to us about those benefits and asking us if we would like the assistance of a "lactation specialist," these things are not my issue. My issue is when the State or Federal government steps in to tell me, shame me or tax me into any behavior or choice that should indeed be mine.

Long Favored By Shoplifters, Baby Formula Goes Under Lock And Key
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Where has liberty gone? There are women who simply can not breastfeed or make an educated adult choice not to.  These women should not be shamed or denied samples or coupons. Really New York, do you really believe a young Mother is actually going to utter the words, "You know? I had every intention of breastfeeding my baby but now that I have this coupon for a week's worth of formula I have changed my mind!"

But again, make no mistake my friends, this is not about breastfeeding, alcohol, gambling, smoking, driving, soda drinking, spanking, common core, immunizations, or so many other examples. This is about ALL of those things.....and the even more ridiculous restrictions and laws that will come if we continue to let our government legislate behavior.

Its all good when you watch the government tell Moms they must breastfeed when you are all about breastfeeding, but trust me when you let them open this door into others people's lives, they will eventually find their way into yours as well.



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