A new law will allow Police and Firefighters to now carry life-saving devices in case of an emergency reaction when they get to a location. My nephew has a severe nut allergy and I was happy to hear that, according to News 10 ABC, Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed legislation to now allow law enforcement and firefighters to carry EpiPens to treat people in an emergency.

There have been times that my sister or brother-in-law have had to treat my nephew, but there was a time when they were out to dinner and he had a reaction. He had to be rushed to the hospital to get the life-saving EpiPen. They ran the risk of not making it in time. If an ambulance was called, they could have been able to administer it. It's nice to know that this is now an option.

There has already been approval for other workers to carry the life-saving EpiPens. They include camp counselors, school staff, daycare workers, and EMTs.

Funding could be an issue. It is up to individual agencies to decide whether their officers and firefighters will be equipt with the EpiPens. They would have to fit them in their budgets.

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