Lactation Lounges Coming To Local Theaters
Breastfeeding moms will find it easier than ever to feed their child while out in public, especially when attending shows in Albany and Schenectady.   Newly created "Lactation Lounges" will be available at Proctors and the Palace Theater.
My Actual Thoughts On Breastfeeding
I need to get something off my chest.  Please allow me to take a moment to respond to the enormous amount of reaction to a breastfeeding blog I wrote and posted on our Facebook.
New Mom Is Forced to Shut Down Stewart’s In Order to Breastfeed Her Baby
Katlyn Lenperle is a new mom who works at a Stewart's in Troy.  She has faced a scheduling problem at her store before, and has spoken to her supervisor numerous times about it, but nothing has been done. On Sunday, coworker was supposed to be scheduled to come in and relieve Katlyn four and a half hours into her shift so she could pump...