Legislation is being introduced that could eliminate the need for you to change your clocks twice a year.

If you are tired of throwing your schedule out of whack every time we spring ahead or fall back, this will be music to your ears. New York Senator James Skoufis is working on a new bill to make Daylight Saving Time the year round standard in the state, according to a News 10 report.

Skoufis told News 10 the current time system is 'antiquated' and eliminating it would have many benefits such as improved traffic safety and less crime. The challenge getting such a bill passed would be having New Jersey and Connecticut follow suit as we would all need to be on the same timing to make public transportation schedules work.

Personally, I would be all in on this actually happening. I prefer to have the daylight at the end of the day in the winter. In the morning at our house we are typically getting ready for the day whether it is light or dark out, and the extra daylight at the end of the day would be much more useful in the winter time. Plus, I would not miss having my sleep schedule thrown out of whack twice a year!

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