There is a bill proposed that would ban the sale of puppies from puppy mills in New York state. It would cover most pets sold in pet stores across the state. According to ABC 7 News, unregulated breeding facilities, most from out of state, would be banned from selling dogs, cats, and bunnies at pet stores in New York. The bill is an effort to encourage pet stores to work with rescue organizations and shelters.

Senator Michael Gianaris, who proposed the bill, said his main focus is to stop the puppy mill pipeline. The out-of-state animals are usually raised in cruel, unsanitary, and inhumane conditions. They are then shipped up to pet shops here in New York state.

There are some critics of the bill that say the bill is an "unwise and unproven reaction to well-intended animal safety and health concerns".

The law would affect nearly eighty licensed pet stores throughout the state if passed. The next step is for the senate's Domestic Animal Welfare committee to vote on the legislation.

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