If you love playing daily fantasy sports with FanDuel and DraftKings, your football season just got a little less exciting.Both of the companies have agreed to stop taking bets in the state of New York. This battle has been going on for a while now. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told the Times Union it is the state's position these leagues take bets for games of chance and that is against the law in New York. Until now, the other side has argued that Fantasy sports are a game of skill, and therefore the law doesn't apply.

Both sites will push pause on taking bets in NY until they navigate the legislation issue. This could just be temporary as there is legislation being considered that would label Fantasy sports games of skill. According to the Times Union, the truth of the matter is the state wants to tax these games, regardless of the designation.

Bottom line, you may not have your daily fantasy sports leagues this coming fall. But maybe without them, you can actually enjoy the games a little more? My wife has grown to hate Sundays because of Fantasy football and how crazy it makes me. I know she will be thrilled I will have one less distraction on Sundays this fall. At l still have my old school  year long league!

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