I've been in fantasy football leagues for years and the simple disappointment of finishing near or at the bottom of the standings was enough shame to deal with. But of all of the outrageous ideas and pranks my friends have attempted to pull off over the years, luckily for me, I've never lost a bet that forced me into the kind of public embarrassment this Broadalbin man faced.  You think his friends pushed him a little too far?

After finishing at the bottom of his 'friendly' fantasy football league, the man was forced to appear scantily clad on a local street corner, holding up a sign that would make even the most gutsy football fan a little red in the face. The whole thing captured on video by a passer-by in Broadalbin who sent the hilarious Facebook video to us here at WGNA.

Wearing work boots, a tied up denim shirt, short shorts and a cowboy hat, the man explains to the curious onlooker that he and his buddies decided on a punishment for finishing last in their fantasy football league.  Clearly it wasn't this mans best season but give his credit for paying up. Add in the fact that he's a Dallas Cowboys fan and as he puts it, 'It's not always the best combination!'

His sign reads: Cowboy butts drive me nuts!

Facebook video sent to WGNA from Chad Joseph 

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