It's that time of year again and your fantasy football draft is around the corner and you realize you have not had enough time to do the proper research. Fear not my friends because I have been using my time off these last couple of days doing it for you. The problem is my drafts have not happened yet and I know the opponents in my leagues will also be reading this blog, so I do not want to give away too much. So I am limiting my tips this time to some really good VALUE picks for you to keep in mind as you draft.

What is a vale pick? This will be a player that you can get much later in your draft than where they should be drafted. Some times it's a young player who broke out last year, sometimes it's a player who will benefit from a change is system, and other times it's just someone that most people are overlooking.

While these are not always fool proof, by and large they are the safest "tips" to use. They just make sense.

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If you can get Cam, get Cam but unless you reach early the chances are you are going to be looking for a great value pick at quarterback in your draft. All arrows point directly at Kirk Cousins. his 34 touchdowns last year (5 on the ground) put him well withing the top 10 and more importantly he was vastly improving at the end of the season.


This one is easy for me and it primarily deals with a change in system. There was a runningback last year had to split carries in a failing offensive scheme and still managed to get 5 yards a carry. If you doubled his carries from 107 to 214 he would have had more touchdowns and yards than everybody's new shiny toy, Todd Gurley. In this new system (the one who gave us Jamaal Charles) and without the 22 million dollar man, Demarco Murray, (who will also rebound this year in Tennessee)....  Ryan Matthews WILL get those carries.

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Wide Reciever

I have a friend I have been touting this guy to, for two years and every year he "sleeps on him" and looses out on a rock solid receiver that you can get in later rounds. Remember, this is fantasy football and in fantasy there are times an NFL teams number 2 receiver can still get fantasy number 1 receiver stats like, 80 catches, 1020 yards and 12 touchdowns. That guy is Eric Decker.

Tight End

Missed Gronk in your draft? Don't worry there were two other tight ends that were within 20 fantasy points of Gronk at the end of the season. One of them was Jordan Reed of the Washington Redskins but I don't think he will be sneaking up on too many people this year. The guy you may not remember tearing up your tight end head to heads last year was a guy who was consistently catching passing and scoring touchdowns for the lowly Browns. His name is Gary Barnidge.

Good Luck!

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