Yesterday I asked you in my blog to e mail me some "dilemmas" that you the listener can tackle on the air each day. Today we read an E mail about a woman who has a "pact" with her friend to tell each other if one of them started to gain too much weight. I guess that time had come for her friend but she didn't really want to tell her and hurt her feelings and wondered if she should anyway, and if so, how?

We took quite a few calls on the topic and I thought you might like to hear a few to understand how this segment of "The Sean And Richie Show", works. Give it a quick listen, I think you will love the solution the last caller has.

Now, if you have a "dilemma" you would like to share, please e mail me at: If you don't that's ok too, but we would love to have your input on the air just listen for the "Daily Dilemma" every morning on "The Sean and Richie Show" in the 6:00 hour.

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