I don't think so at all, Simone. I've got your back (and your front)  However there are some mean people out there on social media. They should call it ANTI-social media.  Look what some people did to this poor woman.


Her name is Simone Anderson.  She is a hairdresser and makeup artist from New Zealand.  At one point she weighed in at 373 pounds. According to Takepart.com ,she went on Instagram and Facebook and had people follow along with the process.  She had gastric bypass, did these really tough workout sessions and posted pictures of them, etc.

After successfully paring down to 185 pounds, she took a selfie of the result and posted that.  People didn't believe her and started calling her every name in the book in the comment sections.  "LIAR". "TRICKSTER" (and I'm sure there were other 4 letter words I can't say here).  Here's the whole story.



I guess all the cruelty created a "generosity backlash".  She posted shots of her loose skin and 16,000 instagram folks asked if they could kick in some money to get that removed.  They set up a crowd funding page and raised $2300.00 (and climbing)

So people, the bottom line?  LEAVE SIMONE ALONE!!!!!!!!




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