I don't like getting weighed. At either the doctor, when I weigh myself, there is literally no time I like to step on a scale. Now, there's an airline that's going to make you do it in public before boarding.

Finnair in Finland is looking to save money on flights and will soon be weighing passengers to better estimate fuel costs. According to Distractify, Americans weigh 15 pounds more than we did 20 years ago and the same stats occur in Finland.

This airline plans to weigh 100 of the 150 passengers before every flight to get a better idea of the weight average. They said that they're not planning on penalizing anyone who they consider overweight, they're just using the scale for data.

What I didn't realize was that an airline in Hawaii did it first in 2016 saying it was for the same kind of study. I totally understand where they're coming from and the need to save money on a very expensive business but it's kind of none of their business how much I weigh. Flying can already be an uncomfortable experience and now I have to worry about going on a scale too?

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