With back-to-school coming up faster than many would like, it's pretty much top of mind of everyone right now. With all of those school supplies plus all of the books, are kids backpacks getting too heavy?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child's backpack shouldn't weigh more than 10-20% of their body weight. For an average 6th grader, that's 20 pounds! That's way too much to have a little kid carrying that around on their back all day. I remember seeing 6th graders hunched over with every book and every pencil shoved on their back. That can't be good!

I remember in middle school, everyone had a rolling backpack. We didn't have the stress on our backs, but I'd end up struggling to carry it up the stairs, hitting people in the shins, it was awful. The flip side, though, isn't much better.

In high school, we were told we couldn't go to our lockers between classes and would have to carry all of our books to each class. That's unnecessary! I understand wanting to lessen traffic but kids shouldn't have to walk around with every book on their back! Even at 28 years old, I couldn't imagine having to carry 20% of my body weight class to class and to and from school. Also, a good number of children are wearing them incorrectly which could lead to early back injuries. They're too young, it's not fair! Is your kid's backpack too heavy?

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