I have been thinking that I'd love to have a segment on the show called "The Daily Dilemma". An open forum where the listeners can call in and give their opinions on a strangers dilemma or question. The nice thing about this is, that usually if one person is thinking about it, odds are many others are as well. The problem that I have is making sure I have enough "dilemmas" to have a new one each day. I know for a fact they are out there but sometimes they are hard to find. Here is where I could use your help. (And I know how much you love to help my friends.)

This is usually where these kind of dilemmas come from. Sure, if you want to ask something and are afraid to say it's your problem you are more than welcome to start it out, "My Friend...", in fact, I encourage it. But really, it usually is someone else who needs the advice, and maybe your not sure how to answer them. We can help. This sort of thing can be "Hey, a friend and I were having lunch and there was a couple making out in the restaurant, clearly we felt this was over the acceptable line for P.D.A> but then also wondered, where is the line?" Maybe it's a work thing like, "What do you do if you have a friend at work and you know they are about to be let go, should you tell them or just act surprised when it happens?"


Maybe, you have a friend that has Not asked you for advice but you think they should. This is a great opportunity to get some other opinions out there without him or her knowing it came from you. Like, " A friend of mine asked me if its normal for her husband to be out on "boys nights" until two in the morning twice a week. She wants to be the supportive understanding wife but isn't sure how to bring up that she doesn't like it." This saves you the trouble of telling your friend that her man is a complete jerk. The listeners get to do that for you.


So there is a couple of ideas and thought starters, really there are no rules, just keep in mind we wont use them all, and please leave names and too many facts out of it. I am looking for problems or dilemmas that we all face from time to time whether its how much do you really tip the sandwich artist at Subway, or how do I tell my husband he is horrible in bed. I guess that should be "My friend tell me she has a husband who is horrible in bed..."

I thank you very much in advance for your efforts in helping me compile a big long list of "dilemmas" and I so look forward to your input on them on the show. If you can come up with any for me please e mail me at smcmaster@wgna.com. Whether its an old problem you used to have, maybe something that is bothering you right now, or something that you have always just wondered about, send it in. Then tune in.



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