There are always dumb studies to try to figure out if potatoes can fly, or if left-handed people have a favorite toe, but rarely is there a study that will actually help you hook-up!

The Week did a study and concluded that there is more to flirting than just looking good...

Here are the five most effective ways to flirt, according to scientific proof.

1.  Touching someone's face.  If you can do it without coming off creepy, nothing's more effective.

2.  Touching someone elsewhere.  Like the shoulder, waist, and forearm.

3.  Going out of your way to compliment someone.  Go for the move where you see someone across the room, walk up, and say, "I just had to come over and tell you, I love your dress" or whatever.

4.  Smiling and eye contact.  These come up in every study, nothing new here.  Obviously you're more likely to have success if you smile and make eye contact than frown and look down at your shoes. Duh.

5.  Be more direct.  If you've found your flirting hasn't worked, it's probably because you think you're flirting but they aren't getting it.  Grow a pair and ask him or her out!

Now, these moves sound like they'll seal the deal for you, if done correctly, however, if they are don't poorly, no good will come from that!

Good luck!

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

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