Should Girlfriend Go Hunting With Boyfriend's Parents?
Shelby got invited to go on a hunting trip with her boyfriend and his family. She doesn't want to go but thinks that it may send the message that she doesn't like the family. They don't invite just anyone. What should she do? The Love Cowboy gives some advice.
Love Cowboy Helps With a Boyfriend Who Smells
Every weekday morning the Love Cowboy helps out a listener seeking some relationship advice. This time he tries to help out Gina in Colonie who writes in to ask how she handles the guy that she is dating and his body odor.
Pet Names: Don’t Call Me Baby
I've been in a relationship for a long time and no matter who I've dated, I've made it very clear that I hate pet names. Apparently there's a study by Scientific American that says those nicknames are actually good for relationships, I don't buy it.
The 5 Best Ways to Flirt (Scientifically Proven)
There are always dumb studies to try to figure out if potatoes can fly, or if left-handed people have a favorite toe, but rarely is there a study that will actually help you hook-up!
The Week did a study and concluded that there is more to flirting than just looking good...

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