I don’t know how these people managed to be able to stand up, but they had a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .30 to .35.

The legal limit is .08. The arrests were recently made in Michigan.

From TV station WXYZ, 39-year-old Kevin Spates from Detroit was arrested Monday along for what police are caling ‘super drunk’ driving. At the .30 to .35 level, authorities said Spates should be passed out, in a coma, or dead.

The second man to be arrested was 50-year-old William Rhodes. His BAC registered at .33. Both men have been arrested several times for drinking and driving, plus some license suspensions. Both Spates and Rhodes may be going to jail for five years. They’ll be back in court on February 16.

Between the recent stories about the truck drivers that got arrested in Bethlehem and Colonie, and now these guys, it makes me wonder what’s next. Luckily, no one was injured or killed by any of these guys, and at least they’re off the roads.