There's another way to enjoy the beautiful Spa State Park. Starting today you can put on your headphones and listen to the sounds of SPAC through a new app. Here's how your walks and hikes will be enhanced. With the pandemic shutting down the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) there has been a void of live music and concerts. Now SPAC has teamed up with the Spa State Park to bring a whole new way for hikers and those enjoying the park to listen to the sounds of SPAC.

According to News Channel 13, there is a new app that you can download that will let you listen to virtual concerts, dance classes, and socially distanced camps on your headphones or earbuds while you travel through Spa State Park. It is GPS enabled so when you are at the park, you can enjoy the app while enjoying the park.

It is called the "Ellen Reid Soundwalk". This is the name of the composer who wrote and recorded the music that is made for the Spa State Park. Throughout your journey through the park, the music changes to the location you are walking through. There are even some special surprise pieces of music including special performances from the Philadelphia Orchestra.

To download the app, you can go to the Google Play Store and search "Ellen Reid Soundwalk". If you are an iPhone user, just go to the Apple Store and search "Ellen Reid Soundwalk". The app is available starting today through Nov. 1st.

SPAC President Elizabeth Sobol, she said the app was made so that it can brighten those who have been in a dark time of the arts during the pandemic. She also said,

"Just one way in which we've been trying to keep the flame alive and remind people why it's so important to gather in places of beauty, around beauty."

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