Babies are born every second.  To rich families, poor families, and those in between.  Some have all the medical staff at their disposal, and some have to do it themselves!!  Say What???That's right. It starts with a baby born in the upstairs bathroom of their home in Stillwater NY, according to the Albany Times Union....And daddy was the "deliverer".  According to Bryan Fitzgerald at the Times Union:

The dispatcher calmly talked them through the birth, telling Tyler Dumas to gently compress the head as the baby squeezed her way out and to wash the nose and mouth clean once she was delivered.

And then it gets better!  Tyler jumps in his car and tries to keep up with the speed of the ambulance on the way to Bellview Hospital in Niskayuna, only to get pulled over on the Northway and warned that his inspection sticker was past due.  I can hear Tyler now...."Hey, can I get back to ya on that??--Little busy right now!!"   I guess the cop was understanding, and all went well.

So from all of us at the Sean and Richie Show, congrats to the whole fam-damily..especially little Alexis Grace Dumas, born 8:26am, Sunday Jan 9th, 2011!

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