Some local residents at an apartment complex in Niskayuna have already had their dog swabbed for DNA purposes, others downright refuse, and some dog owners feel like they're part of some sort of prank.

As many as three local apartment complexes in the area are attempting (or have already started) to enforce a policy that would hold owners accountable for not scooping up after their dogs poop. Fines and termination of the lease are the possible punishment.

According to a report from the Times Union, Iroquois Village in Niskayuna recently informed it's residents via email about PooPrints, a DNA waste management program that will identify the poop-etrators. Offending dog owners could receive a $300 fine for the newly implemented system which is already being used at an apartment complex in Saratoga Springs and one in Latham.

I understand why responsible dog owners would be upset and refuse the DNA test, but on the other hand, dog owners all want a clean place to walk our pets free of bacteria.  According to the report, the two other complexes that have been using the DNA have seen a vast improvement.



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