Walmart has taken a section out of Target's playbook and is holding a car seat trade-in event. Trade-in the old car seat and get a Walmart gift card. Here are the details. Now through September 30th, when you trade-in your used child car seat you will get a thirty dollar Walmart gift card to be used on other baby items. According to WTHR, participating Walmart stores will accept used car seats of any kind at their service desk to be recycled.

Walmart has teamed up with waste management company TerraCycle. They will take the used car seats and recycle the plastic. The company claims that the plastic in these car seats is equivalent to about thirty-five million plastic bottles that they will be keeping out of landfills.

There are some limitations. You can only trade-in two car seats per household and booster seats are not eligible. The gift card can only be used on baby items and expires on September 30th.

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