Saratoga’s own Rubik’s Cube magician Steven Brundage was on the Today Show today showing off some new ways to dazzle us!

If you haven’t seen Steven in action, you are missing out.  I mean, I had a Rubik’s Cube growing up and I could barely solve it!  So, to see what he does is amazing.  He can do his tricks on handed or behind his back, it’s amazing.

Steven first made a name for himself and became an internet sensation when he showed off his Rubik’s cube talents to a police officer who pulled him over.  After that, he went on to America’s Got Talent where he wowed judge Simon Cowell and ultimately finished as a semifinalist.   I knew it wouldn’t be long til he was back in the spotlight.

Today, Steven was on the Today Show showing off his Rubik’s cube magic and even showed off a couple new tricks.  The hosts loved it!  So did I.  Take a look:

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