My mom and I were in the car this weekend and she got a text message at a red light. She was about to check it until I told her that she can't be on her phone while she's driving. Who was right?

As far as I knew, texting while driving was illegal no matter what. It seemed pretty obvious, pretty straightforward but apparently that's not the case. According to the Times Union, the law is pretty ambiguous when it comes to being behind the wheel but at a red light.

Some officers have stated that as long as you're braked, it's allowed but if your vehicle moves- even an inch - it's illegal. A bill recently passed the Senate asking for a definition of the term "in motion." This definition would mean that even though your vehicle is stopped, technically cell phone use is still illegal. Many say that it isn't a new rule, just clarification of the already stated law.

You can take a look at the law regarding cell phone use yourself, it really doesn't specify. If the law doesn't state it and the police don't agree, what do you think?

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