Sometimes mistakes happen and it turns out the judges of America's Got Talent own up to those mistakes after eliminating local Saratoga Springs magician, Steven Brundage last month.Brundage passed the initial round in July, but was eliminated in the next round which, of course fans were NOT happy about. So what do we do in 2016 when we are unhappy about things? We go and create an online petition! "Put Steve Brundage in the Live Shows!" gained 2,660 signatures and was enough to convince the judges to give him another shot.

He was back last night on the show and once again baffled the judges with his magic. In this case he matched a scrambled Rubiks cube to another that was originally scrambled by one of the judges. He finished by not only matching Judge, Howie Mandells scrambled cube, but the giant one that had been sitting in front of Simon Cowell for the entire bit.

Tonight, Brundage finds out his fate on America's Got Talent on NBC at 8pm.

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