Will has been know for making  graduation speeches, and now he steps it up a notch to help out an Ithaca College student.This was all part of a promotion for Will and Amy Poehler's new movie 'The House.' Will and Amy play parents in the movie and the basic plot is they cannot afford to send their daughter's college tuition so they open an illegal casino in their house to make the money. Hilarity ensues. Check out the trailer:

So to promote the movie, Will worked with the Today show to get submissions from students to find out why they need some money for college. Samantha Watts, who goes to Ithaca College to study Speech Pathology, was awarded the scholarship on the Today show Tuesday. Her dad recently went though a bout with cancer and they needed to focus on paying medical bills. Hence Samantha's need. Will was on hand to present the $100,000 scholarship - Check it out!

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