There seems to be an influx of spam calls lately. They are calls from overseas and even some countries I never knew existed. Well now a cell phone provider is saying to be cautious because they could cost you. According to WIVB, many New Yorkers have seen spam calls coming from many different countries that they have never even heard of. Verizon is saying to be careful if you are tempted to call them back, it could cost you.

The new type of spam calls coming from international numbers are persistent. So persistent, in fact, that the spam callers are calling a few times in a row trying to get the caller to call them back. This is exactly what the scam caller wants. This also will add a large call charge for an international hotline number per minute.

There have been incidents of these charges and so far Verizon isn't reimbursing customers for an international phone charge. However, they are looking into it.

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