Why did I do it?  Because of a challenge, that's why.  Sean, Levack and Casey  from that show that I do every morning said "I bet you can't rhyme all of the NFL players who got injured this year--and bonus points if you can rhyme the word "meniscus". (hear the song below)

   So here it is.  I could list the players here that I rhymed, but then again, why?  Why give you eye strain?  Just close your eyes, sit back and relax as I sing a song of the extreme pain and agony that these guys put themselves through just to make a measly $10-20 million a year!

OK,  now that you've heard it, let me say I actually feel bad for these guys, despite the obsene money they make.   To get their bodies that mangled up just for doing their jobs has gotta be rough.   That's why I chose radio---no heavy lifting!

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