Josh Woodward works for the Albany International Airport Fire Department and volunteers for the North Bethlehem Fire Department and, Capital Region, he needs you.

Josh Woodward was hit by something and hit quick. On Monday, Josh felt like he pulled a muscle under his arm. Soon thereafter, he had a fever, according to the reports by News10, but assumed it was the same thing his kids had. It just kept getting worse and worse until his wife took him to the emergency room, where's he's been ever since. The infection spread to his heart, lungs, kidney, and liver.

I've been following his journey through his wife's Facebook page. What I take away from their story is just how in love they are. As she posted on Facebook recently, "In sickness and in health, til death do us part." Slowly, but surely, Josh has been improving with your support, prayers, and the amazing doctors working on him.

He's responding to her voice, making attempts at moving, So far he's stable but we'll continue to keep an eye on him and send our love and prayers his way. Josh isn't done fighting!

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