I've never been pregnant and (believe it or not) I've never tried marijuana but I found it interesting that both of those are trending together in the news today.

An analysis of urine samples from about 300,000 California women found that more than 7% used marijuana while pregnant, according to UPI. They even said "rates of pot use in pregnancy have steadily risen over the years -- from 4.2 percent of women in 2009 to 7.1 percent just seven years later."

They did note with the survey that some of these samples were taken at 8 weeks meaning that some of these women may not have known they were pregnant at the time of smoking. Recreational use in California isn't even legal yet so it's assumed that in 2018 when it is, that number along with the general acceptance of marijuana will grow.

Good Morning America had an expert on the air this morning who broke down the risks with smoking marijuana during pregnancy. Moms, what do you think about this? If it was legal, would you smoke marijuana while pregnant?

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