Imagine my surprise when I'm scrolling through Netflix and all of a sudden I see the front of Albany Med in the trailer of a new documentary. I obviously had to watch it!

I was scrolling through the new additions to Netflix and if you're not familiar, when you hover over a title, it starts to play the trailer on the screen. I happened to hover over the title "The Bleeding Edge" and the first two things I saw were Albany Medical Center and an Albany Med nurse!

I took a look at the description of "The Bleeding Edge" and the documentary is an "eye-opening look at the fast-growing medical device industry" and "reveals how the rush to innovate can lead to devastating consequences for patients." Well, that doesn't sound good for our local hospital. So, I watched it.

The documentary focuses mostly on the product Essure and mesh inserts and consequences from previous patients. Luckily for Albany Med, they were the hospital one of the patients went to when they wanted some of their troubles corrected -which gave me a sigh of relief. It may have only been featured briefly, but it was cool to see our local hospital on a Netflix documentary and to see that they were where someone turned to get corrective surgery!

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