Allergies? Yeah, I've got those. Badly, actually.

People usually express after the third or fourth, "God Bless You," that they're done blessing me. It's cool. I'm used to it. In fact, I typically tell them not to bother after the first one because some days, there might be 15 sneezes coming my way at any given moment.

Before you ask if I take anything, yes, I take an allergy pill every morning. I've tried allergy shots, too (they didn't work, in case you were wondering.) My allergies are, on some days, medicine proof. That's why the Salt Den in Latham seems so appealing to me.

There are people that absolutely swear by holistic treatments when it comes to their health so when my Dad pointed out this rather new spot that's popped up in the Capital Region, it seemed like the smart idea to research it a bit.

According to their website, going into the salt cave, (seriously, it's a cave,) the...

"Inhalation of salt is clinically proven to help people with chronic upper respiratory conditions like COPD and Cystic Fibrosis along with seasonal allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis and a variety skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and acne."

If you or someone you know suffers from any of those listed, it might be beneficial to check out, especially if the "normal" stuff hasn't helped.

They have some other stuff to check out as well, like the Red Light Therapy Bed (which repairs damaged skin, reduces wrinkles and more), Infrared Sauna (which has said to help detoxify and revitalize your cells, along with helping fight some forms of cancer), along with other therapies.

After reading up on this a bit, my allergies and lungs just might appreciate a try at what the Salt Den has to offer. If it has struck your interests like me, check out their website for more.


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