You read it right!  I've seen stories before about how China occasionally (and allegedly)  rips off the design forAmerican products, copies the packaging including logos, and passes their merchandise off as the real thing.  But this takes the cake!

This video tells the whole story, but if you don't have time to see it, I will summarize.  In one area of China, they put up an Apple store complete with the logos out front, and salespeople decked out in the recognizable  blue t shirts and lanyards inside.  The place was stocked with Apple merchandise.  But a quick check at the home office in Cupertino, California confirmed that THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A STORE IN KUNMING, CHINA!

Here's the rest of the story-

Is that incredible or what?  And here's an update for you.  Apparently, this isn't the only one!

According to CNN, THERE ARE 21 stores in the same city!

So why don't we go in there and shut these places down?   Sue the pants off of them, right?  Well, I read one theory that, if we were to press the subject, China might stop importing legitimate products from us, and that would be a huge blow to our already sucky economy, so we figure that it's not worth the risk.

How do you feel about THIS one?  Write me a comment on your smart phone (but first check the serial number to make sure it's legit!)