It's official.  Steve Jobs, the head honcho of Apple Corp. is stepping down.  It's big news to both company employees and stockholders.  But what is the real effect of his leaving?

 In short, I think the guy is irreplaceable, but that's just me.  He was a true visionary.  People forget many of the great Steve Jobs moments.  Rather than just list them here and put you to sleep faster than your laptop when noone's touching it, I will repost a Youtube clip  from Forbes Video.  He was brilliant, and had a good sense of humor at the same time.  Check this out.

 There was an old saying that my father used to repeat all the time (being an avid fisherman) - "A fish stinks from the head down".  Well in this case, the opposite is true.  When you have a genius and forward thinking visionary as the head, the fish thrives despite very rough waters.  And Apple has gone thru those choppy seas many times. 

They almost went "belly up" at one point, remember?   I just hope that someone can step into his shoes, but they are size 18's as far as I am concerned.   It won't deter me from sticking with Apple stuff, however.  "The i-Life is My Life", as this parody describes. 

How deep are you into the Apple's toys?  Will you spring for the i-Phone 5?  I know someone who's waiting for one as we speak!